What is Home Health?

What is home health care?

Home care consists of Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Services, Certified Home Health Aides, and Caregiver Services. These services are administered in the patient's home by professional home health care staff. The staff is specially trained and experienced in home health care. These services may be intermittent visits or extended continuous care.

Home health care is an increasingly popular and cost-effective method of receiving health care services in the comfort of the patient's home. Services can range from in-home nursing care to ongoing assistance with daily activities. Patients are being discharged from the hospital sooner to receive care in their own home.

Advances in Home Care are made possible due to many technological advances that allow procedures that were previously only provided in the hospital setting, including dialysis, chemotherapy, and wound care, to be provided in the patient's home. In the future, more and more people will receive much of their medical care in the comfort of their own home.

Who requires/receives home health services?

Clients with limited physical abilities that wish to stay in their home environment while receiving medical treatment require home health. These types of patients are referred to as Homebound. Homebound patients are physically unable to leave their home and need assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), skilled nursing and/or therapy services.

A wide range of patients suffering from a variety of illnesses including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Infections require and receive Home Health Care. The patients can range from an injured worker receiving physical therapy for a back injury, to an elderly person receiving post operative care from a stroke. Patients of all ages are able to receive care in their own homes.

How do you get home health services?

Home Health is prescribed by the Patient's doctor. The decision is left to the patient or family. Contact Sunrise Home Health for an evaluation and to have all your questions answered.

What are the benefits of home health services?

There are many benefits to receiving medical care in the home. Firstly, the patient receives quality treatment in the security, privacy, and comfort of the patient's home with the family's active involvement and support. Patient's and family agree that it is more convenient and comfortable to recuperate at home rather than in a medical facility. Additionally, many physicians feel that patients get better more rapidly and completely in their own home environment among family, friends, and familiar settings. Furthermore, Home Health eliminates anxiety for patient and family due to continued hospitalization. And the service can provide a smooth transition from the hospital to home environment.

The cost of home health care is dramatically lower than receiving care in the hospital making this an attractive alternative to insurers and providers. One of the most rewarding aspects of home care is the personal relationship that many patients develop with their home care nurse or caregiver. Receiving care in the comfort of their own home allows the patient and their family the opportunity to form a team, and to develop a level of trust and compliance essential for treatment success.

Why is home care by Sunrise Home Health best for you?

Sunrise treats its patients like we would treat our own family. We are truly motivated to be the best Home Health Agency there is and that means great care of our patients. We tailor the care to the special needs of each patient and every patient. Our care providers are all highly qualified, experienced and very carefully screened. We are ready to serve your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- Even holidays.

How can I get home health from Sunrise?

Sunrise Home Health Services provides quality home care services in North Texas. Please visit the Contact Us and Online Referral sections of this web site.